The Future of Digital Mobile Advertising is Here!

               Tri-Folding Digital Video Wall Production Services

This unique 3 sided Digital Mobile Video truck transforms into a Tri-Folding 33′ wide x 6′ high screen that raises up to 17′ high!


Instant Billboard!
TriFold HD Video Truck Raised High

What would take other video production companies with a ground supported video wall system multiple hours to set up with several stagehands, only takes us 15 minutes with 1 driver/video tech!

We save you $$$ !

 Bring ‘Amazing’ to your next event.  Use at sporting events, outdoor concerts, brand promotions, political rallies, video gaming parties, and special events.

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Truck #1 3 Sided

BONUS... Our on-board electric generator (with distro) has approx. 10kw of EXTRA available power for multiple uses at your event site!

3 Sided Digital Mobile Advertising Truck 

 Truck#1 Moving Strip PicHD Video Truck - 3 Side Roller Coaster

The first in our fleet is this 3 sided true 6mm LED Digital Mobile Advertising truck.  Display the same message or 3 separate ones simultaneously.  Bring your broadcast-ready ad to us or let us make one for you!

30 x 7.5 second Impressions per hour x 10 hours
60 x 7.5 second ads Impressions hour x 10 hours
120 x 7.5 second Impressions per hour x 10 hours
60 minute Exclusive Ad Packages
Exclusive Multi-Hour Daily Packages
Exclusive 10 Hour Daily Packages

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